Table Rock Lake is a 43,000 acre Highland Reservoir located in the Ozark Mountains just West of Branson Missouri.  Table Rock Lake is a deep clear lake with over 900 miles of rocky shoreline.  Table Rock is one of a few lakes in the country where you can catch Largemouth, Smallmouth and Kentucky Spotted Bass.  We also have a hybrid Bass which is a cross between a Smallmouth and a Kentucky Spot which is called a Meanmouth Bass.  Table Rock Lake also has a good populations of Crappie, White Bass, big Bluegill and Catfish.  We do have Walleye in Table Rock but the population is not strong enough to just strictly target them. 


  Table Rock Lake with its gin clear water can be a tough fishery to figure out.  Most people are used to fishing the banks on the lakes they fish, but with Table Rock the fish only spend a limited time up around the banks.  This usually occurs just before, during and after the spawn.  They spend most of their time out in deep water relating to the bottom or out suspending.   That’s why it is a good idea to hire a fishing guide.  If your visiting Table Rock Lake for a fishing vacation, hiring a guide, even if it’s for just a half a day will greatly increase your success for the duration of your trip.  If you are just visiting Branson Missouri and want to get out on Table Rock Lake and catch some fish, hiring a fishing guide will ensure you the best possibilities of catching some fish and you won’t have to worry about renting a boat and trying to figure out how to navigate the lake and locate fish.


  Indian Point Guide Service caters to all levels of fishermen, from the seasoned professional who may be prefishing for a tournament to the person that has never fished and would just like to learn some basics and catch some fish while doing so.  I also love taking kids out and watching them catch a big old bass.  My boat is a 2014 Legend Bass Boat and can accommodate up to 4 people.  I have access to other fishing guides for larger parties.


So while your down here in Branson Missouri, come on over to Table Rock Lake and; 




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