Table Rock Lake Fishing Report April 29 2016

nice catchriley's smallmouth
Table Rock Lake is a half foot above power pool. The water temperature is in the mid 60s and the visibility is about 4 feet. The Smallmouth Bass have been the predominate fish we are catching so far this Spring. You can catch them on many different baits right now. We are catching them on the ned rig, shaky heads, jigs, Carolina rigs, spinnerbaits and crankbaits. They are anywhere from on the bank down to 20 feet deep. We are starting to catch some Spotted Bass but just not the numbers. Any day now, they ought to start showing up more. We are in all phases of the spawn right now, so you can catch them from the mainlake all the way to the back of the coves and pockets. The White Bass have yet to show up around the Indian Point area. The Google Eyes are starting to mix in with the smallmouth. Some days can be tough, so you just need to slow down and work an area thoroughly.

Till next time Good Fishin’

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