Table Rock Lake Fishing Report August 21, 2018

Table Rock Lake is about a foot and a quarter below normal pool.  The water temps are in the low 8os.  The fishing remains good but you have to move around to find the active fish.  The main pattern is fishing crawlers around 25 to 30 feet deep.  We have been catching some smallmouth on a half ounce jig dragged on the ridges about 20 to 30 feet deep.  We have also been catching some swimming a grub in the same areas.  We have been using a 1/4 oz. head on the grub and keeping the boat in about 30 to 35 feet.  Cast up shallower and count down to 5 and start a slow retrieve back.  The bites aren’t hard the rod just starts to load up.  I’ve also been catching some fish in the coves right now.  We have caught some on a Whopper Plopper and a Squarebill crankbait. The spinnerbait should become a factor soon as the water starts to cool.

 Till next time    Good Fishin’


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