Table Rock Lake Fishing Report July 1, 2017


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Table Rock Lake is 8 foot over normal pool and slowly falling. The water temperature is 80 degrees with visibility of about 4 feet. The fishing is good to excellent. We are catching from 20 to 50 fish on a 4 hour trip. You can catch fish in the brush throwing a spinnerbait or pitching a creature bait around the brush. We have also been catching some good smallmouth out in front of the brush throwing a shakeyhead with a zoom trick worm. We have been catching the bigger numbers of fish splitshotting a night crawler in 25 to 30 feet of water. Keep an eye on your locator for baitfish. When you find the baitfish you find the bass. They are schooled up real good right now,so when you catch one,you usually can catch a bunch in the same area. We are also catching an occasional Whitebass and big Bluegills mixed in with the schools of bass. Get out early and be careful with all the boats out for the holiday weekend.
Till next time Good Fishin’

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