Table Rock Lake Fishing Report July 16, 2018

Table Rock Lake level is 916 and the water temps are in the upper 80s. There is still a top water bite first thing in the morning.  Somedays are better than others but if you have shad in the area you can probably count on some surface action.  When the sun gets up we have been dropping nightcrawlers down to catch suspended bass.  Use your electronics to find them suspended in 20 to 40 feet of water. You may have the boat in 100 foot but they are out there looking for a meal.  They seem to bite better in the 20 to 25 foot range.  Get your crawler down there and you’ll see them come up from 40 foot to take the bait.  We are also catching some big bluegill as well as a few white bass.  The fishing has been good this summer, so if your looking to get out and catch some fish, give me a call.

Till next time   Good Fishin’


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