Table Rock Lake Fishing Report July 22, 2017




Table Rock Lake is about 5 feet over normal pool.  The water temperature is  hanging around 90 degrees.  The fishing seems to change from day to day.  One day is real good and the next you seem to be scratching to catch them.  A good day is catching between 20 and 30 fish and a tougher day is between 15 and 20.  We are doing best splitshotting nightcrawlers in the 18 to 25 foot range.  I’m seeing some fish down deeper but cannot seem to get them to bite. They seem to be coming off the bottom and suspending in that 18 to 25 foot range.  My guess is that is probably where the thermocline is set up.  We are catching a lot of Kentucky Spotted Bass, Smallmouth Bass, a lot of BIG bluegill and an occasional Walleye.  If your brave enough to stay out until they start generating at the dam (which is usually in the afternoon) I would think they would start feeding real good off of the bottom.  Stay safe and stay hydrated.

Till next time    Good fishin’


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