Table Rock Lake Fishing Report June 14 2017


Table Rock Lake is 9 1/2 feet above normal.  The water temperature is in the upper 70s and the visibility is around 3 feet.  You can find fish from the flooded shoreline all the way out to 40 feet deep.  The best baits in the flo0oded brush has been a spinnerbait  and pitching soft plastics in the trees and bushes.  We have been catching Smallmouth Bass in front of the flooded brush out to 25 feet throwing grubs, jigs and Carolina rigged centipedes.  The Kentuckies have been hanging out in the deeper water. We have been doing best on them with night crawlers.  There are a lot of them tight to the bottom but also there are a lot of them suspended. You need to watch your graphs closely to find where they are holding.  We’ve also been catching some of the big bluegill out in 20 to 25 feet depth.  Once in a while you will see a school of White Bass feeding on shad.  If your lucky enough to be close when they come up, just throw a spoon, grub or spinnerbait into the activity.  Boat traffic is picking up so get out early and enjoy the peaceful morning on the lake.

Till next time     Good Fishin’


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