Table Rock Lake Fishing Report June 17, 2016

Table Rock Lake is a foot and a half above normal and visibility is about 5 feet. The water temperatures are in the low to mid 80s. The Bass fishing has been good to excellent with the majority of the fish being caught being Kentucky Spotted Bass. You can still catch some fish shallow first thing in the morning but as the sun gets up that bite dies off and you have to go deep. The top water bite has died off and I think that is due to the stained water. You want to keep a top water bait handy as there are some blow ups happening throughout the day but you need to get to them quick as they are not staying up long. We have been catching some Smallmouth Bass early up shallow on a Carolina rigged green pumpkin centipede. That bite lasts for about an hour, then we are going deep with night crawlers to catch the Spotted Bass. The deep fish are hanging in the 25 to 35 foot range. You can find some on the gravel points but we have been doing best fishing over the deep tree tops. We have also been catching a few big bluegills down in the deeper water but have not really been fishing for them. The White Bass have been spotty but there are small schools of them swimming around the flats. Keep an eye on tour locator and when you see a school drop a white half ounce jigging spoon and you can catch a few before the school moves on. We are experiencing some awfully hot temperatures right now so make sure you get out early and drink plenty of water.

Till next time Good Fishin’

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