Table Rock Lake Fishing Report March 13 2015


The weather has warmed up just in time for Spring Break and the fishing is very good to excellent.  This is the time of year that you can catch a giant fish on Table Rock Lake.  In the past few weeks I have caught many fish in the 4 to 7 pound range.  The bad news about that is there is no pattern on catching the big fish  YET.  You just seem to catch one when you least expect it.  I’ve been catching the majority of the big fish on the arig or a jerk bait up fairly shallow.  With that being said, there is an awesome deep bite going on Table Rock right now. The fish are staging deep off of points and breaks just feeding heavily.   I have been throwing arigs and grubs down to those fish. ninety percent of those fish are Kentucky spotted Bass.  I haven’t caught many Smallmouth yet but as the water warms they will start showing up on the pea gravel points and banks. The water temps are in the low to mid 40s and if we can get it up to the upper 40s the Smallmouth will start showing up.  We have a big rain forecasted for today and this may very well trigger a mass migration of all the species to the shallows.

If your interested in a guided fishing trip please give me a call at  417-230-6950

Till next time   GOOD FISHIN’



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