Table Rock Lake Fishing Report March 22, 2016

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Table Rock Lake is a few inches above normal and very stained. The heavy rains from December have really murked up the water and it is not clearing very fast. I talked with a diver last week and he told me the lake is murky from top to bottom. He said at a depth of 150 feet there is about 2 foot visibility. The water temperature for the most part is in the mid to upper 50s although with cold nights the temperature has gone down to the upper 4os. The Bass fishing is getting good. We have been catching them on suspending jerk baits, crank baits and swimming grubs. We have been catching them on main lake points, secondary points, chunk rock banks and even pea gravel. As you can see we are pretty much catching them everywhere although you don’t catch them everywhere. The key right now it to keep moving, fishing a little bit of everything. Once you catch a fish, you need to work the area, as we have been running into schools of fish that move in to feed then they back off. I’ve been checking for the white bass but they haven’t moved in yet. I think once the water temperature stabilizes, we should have some good white bass fishing around Indian Point.

Till next time Good Fishin’

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