Table Rock Lake Fishing Report May 25, 2016

Bills smallieken
Table Rock Lake is a foot above normal pool with water temps in the upper 60s to low 70s. The water is still stained around the Indian Point area with visibility around 4 feet. The spawn is winding down and a lot of the fish have moved out to the main lake. We are still catching some on Squarebill crankbaits and spinnerbaits in the pockets and coves. We are also catching a lot of Smallmouth throwing a Carolina rigged centipede on the mainlake. Each day seems to be different as the fish are continually on the move. You just need to keep moving and you will find some Bass that will be feeding. As the fish continue to recuperate from the spawn, the bite should get better and more predictable. There are fish that have moved out and are suspending over deep water. You can catch these with by dropshotting a 4 inch worm or nightcrawler. With the Holiday weekend approaching, remember to get out early and be careful with all the boat traffic.

Till next time Good fishin’

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