Table Rock Lake Fishing Report May 26 2017

Table Rock Lake is 13 feet above normal pool.  The water temperature is 70 degrees.  The fish are starting to feed good again after resting up from the spawn.  You can catch them on a variety of baits.  In the flooded brush, we are catching them on spinner baits, soft plastics pitched into the trees and also starting to get a few on a top water whopper plopper worked with a ripping motion through the brush. There are also fish working the bottom from the original shoreline out to 25 feet.  We are catching those fish on the ned rig, tubes and swimming a grub along the bottom.  Schools of white bass are starting to show up.  Keep an eye out for them surfacing feeding on schools of shad.  They don’t stay up long but you can follow them down and catch them on a jigging spoon or swimming a grub.  You can also get into areas of feeding rock bass.  We have been catching them on grubs and when you catch one there seems to be a lot more in the area.  Everybody stay safe out there as there are still a few floating logs.  Common sense and paying attention goes a long way.

Till next time   Good Fishin’


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