Table Rock Lake Fishing Report October 25, 2018

Table Rock Lake level is about 3 feet below normal pool.  The water temperature is in the mid 60s.  With the cool weather the lakes thermocline has dissipated and the fish have scattered.  You can find them from 1 foot of water down to 60 feet of water.  On your cloudy windy days you can catch some up shallow with a spinnerbait, crankbait or topwater.  you just have to cover a lot of water because the fish are so scattered. There is a jig bite going on but then again you must cover a lot of water.  They will be anywhere from 2 feet down to 35 feet.  The deep dropshot fish have scattered also. It seems like some of them have moved down to 40 feet suspending over deeper water.  As the water cools down more the deep fish will start to school up and be hanging around the shad in the guts of the creeks and coves.  The lake is fishing tough right now but if you keep at it you can still catch some good fish.  

Til next time   Good Fishin’


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